1. Except the above bio -- would you like to add more detail on how you started out?

I always knew I would be a photographer. My first camera was my dad's all-manual Pentax film camera. After years of working in the darkroom, I switched to digital. I now shoot with the newest medium format system and enjoy challenging the camera to create dramatic and lasting images. 

2. How would you describe your photographic style?

For me the largest factor is lighting, and while shooting I concentrate on the relationships between light and shadows on the subject. I try to take those somewhat simple lighting principles and push them one step further to achieve a dynamic image. 


3. What do you consider as your breakthrough moment in the industry?

Moving to Miami was certainly a game changer for my career. Miami offers great locations, great talent and clients from all over the world. Although at times I may be working in New York or Los Angeles - Miami will always be home. 


4. Who inspires you & how do you find inspiration for your photo shoots?

Before every shoot I gather inspirational photos and pin them on the wall next to my desk. I create portfolio books of photos containing inspirational poses, lighting and styles and then determine how to take it further and make something unique.


5. What do you love about Fashiontv?

FashionTV is the hub for all things fashion. I love that FashionTV promotes artists and creates conversation around the news and trends in fashion. 


6. What is your opinion about model/photographer relationship on set?

It's everything. I always try to talk with the models quite a bit before we start shooting. It is important that the model is comfortable and understands what we are trying to achieve. Getting to know them helps their true personality come out in the images.


7. Name the celebrity or model that you would most like to work with?

Pink and model Cara Delevingne. Pink has a unique style and personality that would be fun to shoot, and Cara has a sort of classic look that is so versatile. 


8. What will be your next project?

I always have personal projects in the works. Personal projects allow me to really push the boundaries and get creative. As for professional work, I am in the final planning stage of several shoots for the winter season - including spring collections, swimwear and advertising campaigns.