Do you have a studio?

Yes, we have a full studio located in Long Island City, NY. The studio is has over 2,800 sq. ft. of commercial space, complete with client reception area, make-up & hair stations, cyclorama wall, separate natural daylight studios and green rooms. We utilize the studio for a variety of projects including catalog, lookbook, portrait and advertising work.

What equipment do you provide?

I own and shoot with the Phase One XF, IQ160 medium format system. I also shoot with the Phase One 645DF+, Hasselblad and Nikon with various lenses. I have a full studio lighting set up, including strobes, stands, light-modifiers and backdrops. The organization of our gear makes shooting on location very efficient, and we travel with gear, as well.  Also, any rare additional gear or lenses for specific projects can easily and quickly be rented. 

Are you willing to travel?

Yes, we love to travel. In the last year we have worked in NY, LA and Chicago. We have a few pelican boxes for our gear allowing us to travel light, or we can pack it all and bring the studio to you. We are willing and ready to travel a long distance by plane or a few hours in the car, whatever it takes for the comfort of our clients.

Can you Tether?

Yes, Tethering is a great option for the client. It allows the client to make real time changes and leaves no room for surprises. We provide two 27'' Mac screens which are color calibrated and use Capture One software. We also can send wireless to a screen in studio. A trained digital tech, organizes the files and shows options to the clients in real time, as I shoot. I recommend tethering, basically everyone can see the images large and, together, we can have more control over the creative process.

Can we talk tomorrow?

One of my favorite things about being a commercial fashion photographer is the creative calls with clients. I love talking about photography and bouncing around ideas.

Do you provide a stylist?

We can definitely book one of our favorite professionals for your shoot. We work with some of the best artists and agencies in the industry. Having a stylist present is recommended to achieve the best, high-end, creative images.

Do you provide Hair and Make up?

Our team consists of some of the top hair and make-up professionals in the industry. They are creative and bring something extra to the shoot. Hair and make-up is a must for most shoots and, if needed, you can count on us to find the right individuals for the project. We love working with our group, but we are open to working with your team, too.

How much does it cost when setting up a shoot?

All shoots have initial costs and I am open and flexible when working on new projects. Because every client is so different, the pricing reflects each project individually.

What do you like most about photography?

Photography for me is a means of expression. It can be challenging and creative while telling the client’s story. Whether we are shooting products, fashion or advertising, our work is consistently pushing the boundaries and stepping outside the box – that’s what keeps this industry fun.

What do you wish clients knew about photography?

Getting the shot takes time and creativity. It’s important not to rush the process and restrict the outcome. While it is great to have ideas and inspiration going into a shoot, I always remind clients to be open-minded and have fun during the shoot. It is amazing what comes out of a photoshoot without too many rules or parameters.

How long is a typical shoot?

A photoshoot can vary from a couple of hours to several days – it depends on the needs of the client. (The shoot could be a morning with an executive wanting one formal portrait for the company literature to a week or more for a hair product manufacturer wanting dozens of final edited pictures.) But, no matter what the project, I am prepared to arrive early and stay late to achieve the desired images.

What is important to know before contacting you to set up a shoot?

Before setting up a shoot, it is important to know how the images will be used. Whether it’s printed materials, packaging, advertising, billboards or magazines – it is important to understand how the images will be used and where. We are looking forward to hearing about your upcoming project!

Is there anything I should know about photography?

Technology has changed the photography industry. It has created a quality pyramid. The amateurs fill the large space at the bottom, leaving a very small space for quality professionals at the top. That’s us!

Any advice for clients looking to hire a professional photographer?

Choose a dependable photographer who stays up to date with education, current trends and technology. I consider myself an artist who strives to use the latest technology to create unique and powerful images for each new project.

What types of photography do you specialize in?

The most common types of work I provide are fashion, commercial, advertising and editorial photographs. Recent clients have included beauty products, fashion designers, catalog, lookbook, advertising and Ecommerce.

What sets you apart from others in the field?

Everyone has a camera, but that doesn’t make them a professional photographer. What makes my work different is my ability to shoot in a studio or on location – or pack up everything and travel to the client’s destination. It is always fun to challenge myself and my equipment to produce the desired results.

Do you have your own equipment?

Yes, I own the most up-to-date photography equipment. I have a sophisticated lighting system to achieve dramatic effects and the very best high resolution cameras. I also use the most current editing software and techniques.

What inherent qualities make a good fashion photographer?

A good fashion photograph sees something special happening and has the experience and eye to catch it in a still frame. When shooting I pay close attention to the subject and give direction when needed to explain the overall vision of the shoot. I have been lucky to work with great teams of people including hair, make-up, models, stylist and set directors who come together for one reason – the photographs.

After you seal a deal for an assignment, what is the next step?

Once we shake hands, we begin to prepare mood boards and further discuss what could make your project really stand out. If you have not already done so, we will assemble a team of talented individuals, scout out the location and find the right models. Then we will work with you to create a list of the shots you need – to ensure we are on the same page and are able to maximize the shoot while achieving all of the intended looks.

What is involved with preparation?

We start preparing for the shoot by identifying exactly what you would like to achieve and what needs to be done to achieve these goals. We try to identify the potential viewers or target audience – this helps us to develop ideas that will be visually appealing to a specific group or groups. Next we cast the models. Sometimes we reach out to models we have worked with before, and other times, we hold castings to find the right look. We scout out the location for the shoot and purchase any necessary licenses or permits to shoot. Locations can range from the beach, rooftops, studio, gardens to destinations determined by the client. Lastly, we assemble the equipment needed, reconfirm the details with everyone on the team and arrive fully prepared to get great photos.

What does a photography team look like?

Depending on the project, a team could consist of a set director, hair stylist, make-up artist, clothing stylist,designer, assistants and of course – the photographer.

Do you shoot in a studio or on location?

Both! We love to shoot both in studio and on location. Of course, here in New York City, we have the best on-location shooting in the world, but we are also lucky to have many great studios available for our use. In addition to our own studio located in Long Island City, we have used studios with rooftop access, a garage for automobile photos and even a swimming pool attached – in addition to using standard studios with their unlimited lighting options. You tell us what you need, and we can make it happen.

When is payment due?

Every project is different. But, typically we ask for a deposit that depends on the requirements for setting up the shoot. The deposit is due before the shoot and the remainder is due at the completion of the photos.

Interviews and features?

We love talking about ourselves! And, we love talking about photography! Send us your questions – we can’t wait! If you are a student or press looking to collaborate, contact my assistant at

What we might ask you.

How are the photos going to be used?
This is very important for licensing.

How many edited images do you need?

We have high levels of training at digital retouching.
Do you have a date for the shoot?
Our schedule fills up quickly, and shoots take time to plan.
Are you going to use agency represented talent?
We prefer to shoot with professionals.
Studio or On Location?
Or Both, We have scouting options for on location
and/or we use the best professional studios.
When is the deadline?
We are very experienced with meeting all deadlines.
Who from our team is needed?
Hair, Make up, stylist, scouting, digital tech, assistants, etc.